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I. Howat


October 2013 - August 2019






ExpressionEngine CMS, Stripe Payments

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The First Chapter

In 2013, Irene approached us with a vision for a new website; one that would allow her to share her passion and success as a writer through this innovative web-based concept.  Irene's "Story-A-Month" Club allows children aged 7 to 13 to engage in stories about Christian heroes and heroines on a monthly basis.  To accompany the downloadable stories, subscribers also receive a puzzle pack relating to the monthly theme.

The Outcome

A beautifully crafted website, built entirely from scratch by our development team; the SAM club utilises a modular design with a colour scheme that is recognisable to members as an indication of their subscription status.  The site's administrator is able to pre-load multiple story packs in advance, knowing our bespoke emailing system - in tandem with ExpressionEngine - will send the right story on the 1st of every month.

Stripe eCommerce

Whilst originally built on PayPal's eCommerce platform, the SAM Club website now employs Stripe payment software to process subscriptions.  Stripe's straight-forward payment interface - along with the fact that subscribers never have to leave the site - truly complements the site's easy-to-navigate layout.

Subscribers are automatically notified when their subscription is about to expire and can accept re-subscriptions in just a few clicks.