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2009 – Present

  • Church of Scotland: General Assembly

We are pleased to be a long-standing partner of the Church of Scotland's General Assembly, in providing live broadcast provisions online to remote viewers both across the country, and around the world.

Play it again, Sam!

In tandem with the week-long live stream of the General Assembly, we also provide on-location video editing of each day's highlights, which are quickly yet carefully produced for those who wish to replay the proceedings "on demand" anytime.

Scalable Delivery

There are several factors – such as the topics of debate, or the time of day – that cause fluctuation in the number of viewers tuning in to the General Assembly live stream.  As well as having in-situ support from one of our streaming technicians, our scalable streaming servers can be fired up at any time to cope with an infinite number of viewers.

Church of Scotland: General Assembly